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Open beta version is released.

GeoSmile is a simple and easy-to-use points app that allows you to earn miles according to the distance traveled and the number of steps. Accumulated miles can be exchanged for various e-vouchers and points.

■ Earn miles

・Miles are earned according to the distance traveled.

・You can earn miles according to your daily number of steps.

・ Spin the gacha to win up to 30,000 miles!

・Collect coins and try your luck in slots to win more miles!

■ Exchange miles

・Accumulated miles can be exchanged for various e-vouchers and other points.

・You can exchange miles for in-app items that will help you earn miles more efficiently.

■ Life-log record

・Automatically record your movement and steps while saving battery.

・You can look back at the trajectory you moved each day and the places and duration of your stay.

・You can also check the trajectory of the day's walking and the route of driving and touring on the map.

This app will be good for users -

・Who wants to easily earn points

・Who frequently travels for work/educational institution

We look forward to your continues support for GeoSmile.

GeoSmile team


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